Friday, July 31, 2009

This is another quick and easy Birthday Card I made using one of my favourite Quickutz Exclusive dies, the REVOLUTION 4 x 4 CUPCAKE.
I just love the EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION DIES and find that they can be rather addictive!!!!!! Well, to me anyway:-) I find that the more Exclusive dies I add to my collection, the more Exclusive dies I need. (notice I said need & not want because I believe that when you start a job you must finish it. And not having all the exclusive dies is a job not completed. well thats what I keep telling myself anyway:-)
I know that the exclusives are in a higher price range, but I dont feel so bad buying them as I know that their value will increase with time. Just call it a little nest egg for the future :-) I also dont feel so guilty about buying them anymore, now that I know what the price of tv games are. My kids are now at the age where they want to buy tv games and I have found that they are almost double the price of an exclusive die and then the kids scratch them before they even get to the end of the game:-( Now I feel that I have justified my latest exclusive purchases :-)

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